Re: Bayou Jumper kit back in stock!

Johnny AC0BQ

Gm Lee 
I’m glad your excited about these little kits.
They are a lot of fun to build as well.
This one has a different color favs plate and a keying transistor that will allow you to use a keyer.

On Sun, Jul 25, 2021 at 11:15 AM Lee Bahr <leebahr@...> wrote:
I was up late last night and saw the order desk was again opened for the
Bayou Jumper.  I never thought I would want one until they were no
longer available!  My friend Curt, KB5JO got an early one and really
likes it.  He got interested in Super Regenerative receivers and built a
tube type regenerative receiver which has no front end. Of course the
antenna swinging in the wind, made it unstable for regeneration.  Then
he purchased the Bayou Jumper and it does have a front end.  With it he
finds the receiver very stable and an antenna swinging in the wind has
no effect on the Bayou Jumper's regenerative setting.  He tells me the
Bayou Jumper Regenerative Receiver with a Front End works great with
it.  Of course a Regenerative Receiver also has great sensitivity and
some good selectivity too.  So I am now HOOKED!
Lee, w0vt

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