Re: 13 Colonies QRP style

Johnny AC0BQ

FB Fred 
I was able to work one of them!
I didn't know they were running the special event stations!
Johnny AC0BQ

On Monday, July 8, 2013, FRED wrote:

The 4th of July weekend 13 Colonies sure is a fun event! After being off the air for a month while I relocated my shack, I hooked up my inverted vee Saturday morning and discovered that the 13 Colonies event was going on.

I managed to work all 13 plus the bonus station relatively easy by the afternoon with my Softrock SDR/Mobo 4.3 to a 50w amp so I decided to try it QRP - without the 50w amp.

Thank goodness I managed to work 11 of the colony stations prior to the solar flare on Sunday! It took me most of the day to work the last two for a QRP clean sweep.

BTW - if you ask, in the past the event coordinator will put a QRP sticker on your 13 Colonies certificate.


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