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Charlie Vest

Although I do have a Google account and signed up with a few members from this group , as of yet I have not taken the time to become familiar with its features .

The hangout idea sounds good to me .

Basically I am an old analog guy , plus an old time glowbug guy .

However I do as much building and experimenting as I can find time for and still make a few contacts . I try very hard to make a few contacts every day now . No one specific mode or specific band . In fact I have spent so much time designing and building various projects over the past 5 or 6 years , I actually did very little actual on the air operating . I do run beacons both part 15 and ham band , plus MEPT's for QRSS and WSPR .

When I looked at how empty the log was for making two way contacts I decided that it was once again time for me to once again become involved in on the air operation . I have been a ham for 48 years this year , after being licensed when I was age 12.

Never in all that time did I chase ANY pieces of paper or certificates of any kind . So I set up LOTW and bought another logging program and started with number zero , with my intent now to collect all of the paper possible on any band in any mode from 160 meters through 432 MHz. including 222 MHz.

I am having an absolute ball now !! Still have a LOT of pending antenna projects since my "main" station antenna right now is a G5RV up 30 feet . I am even using it on 6 meters and worked 4 "new" states with it this morning on 6 ,  under my rebirth :)

Always interested in learning more and would love to learn more about some of the design software from some of the younger people out there .

IF you hear me on , it is VERY likely that I need your state , county , or grid now on some mode on some band(s).

73, Charlie , W5COV


About a month ago I added a bunch of 4State members to my QRP Radio circle. I am wondering how many of us Google+ members use Hangouts? We could start having a weekend project show and tell or use hangouts for teaching each other how to learn and use things such as LT Spice or antenna modeling software just to mention a few. Let me know what you all think about this and any other ways the group members could benefit from Hangouts.
72 de kb4qnr
Bobby Rolph

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