I also have a copy of that Allied book, but I could not bring myself to taking it apart to scan it.

Attached is a photo of the copyright page of mine.  Copyright 1943.

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On 8/12/2021 1:43 PM, Donald Sanders wrote:
Thank You to all the members who have ordered my antenna book.
Today I found a couple old relics that are no longer available. They are still useful for old timers as well as those new to ham radio. '
I offer them for all to use. Perhaps they will be useful to homebrewers and  if(when) the internet goes down as suggested by some sources. 
Perhaps someone will have the technology to reproduce the slide rule on plastic and make it available. I used an empty cereal box, kids school glue and a box knife to cut out the pieces. Cutting the openings will require a steady hand.

Use in health.
Dr. Don W4BWS

God Bless All

"Basic Wire Antennas" 
for $5 sent to my 
email address via paypal friends.
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