Skeetr Hunt 2021 TODAY!

Larry Makoski

The NJQRP Skeeter Hunt roster for 2021 is closed - thanks to all 250 of you who signed up. Have fun, but above all be safe and don't take any chances with risky weather situations or risky operating conditions.

You can still join the Hunt without a Skeeter number, just give your output power as your part of the exchange.

Remember that if you're going to claim the post to social media for your 100 point bonus, you must include your call sign and the hashtag #skeeterhunt or #SkeeterHunt in the post, and indicate on your log summary submission that you did that.

Lastly, all log summaries must be e-mailed to w2lj@... within two weeks. The Skeeter Scoreboard will be posted (God willing and the creek don't rise) sometime on Labor Day. 

Log summary instructions are simple, just follow the directions on the webpage. If you still have questions, send an e-mail.

Have fun and good hunting!

Larry W2LJ - Skeeter # 13

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