Re: Skeeter Hunt 2021 over?

John - KK4ITX


Thanks for your efforts, always a great outing !


John KK4ITX 

🙃Each mistake is a learning opportunity.🙂

On Aug 15, 2021, at 6:05 PM, Larry Makoski <w2ljqrp@...> wrote:

Not by a long shot!

First, thanks to all who particpated. YOU make this event the fun time that it is! Many thanks, for without you, the Skeeter Hunt would be nothing, I hope each one of you had as good a time as I did.

Now it's log summary time. I don't need ADIF or Cabrillo logging files. Just send me an e-mail with something that looks like this:

Larry - W2LJ - NJ
Skeeter #13 - All CW
Single Op
Skeeter QSOs - 23
Non-Skeeter QRP QSOs - 5
Non-Skeeter QRO QSOs - (if any)
S/P/Cs - 18
Station Class Multiplier X4
Bonus - Callsigns worked spelling out SKEETER - or letting me know that you did #SkeeterHunt post on Social Media (a screenshot would be appreciated)

Two important items:

1)Log summaries are due two weeks from today, by the end of the day of Sunday August 29th. The Scoreboard will be posted sometime on Monday, August 30th. Usually, it's Labor Day, but the calendar is weird this year.

2) You will receive a "thank you" e-mail within a day or two (48 hours) after you've sent me your summary. IF YOU DON'T GET AN E-MAIL BACK FROM ME - I DID NOT RECEIVE YOUR SUMMARY. KEEP TRYING UNTIL YOU GET A CONFIRMATION FROM ME!

Thanks again. Soapbox webpages and certificates will soon follow after the Scoreboard is published.

Larry W2LJ - Skeeter # 13



John, KK4ITX       # 1603

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