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Don (W6BOW)

On Aug 25, 2021, at 7:12 AM, Jim Sheldon <> wrote:

OOPS, My BAD! I just found that I had accidentally switched the Receiver in my K3s to the RX antenna - LOL. It is a bare BNC connector on the back of the radio - HaHa.. Boy do I need more coffee this morning.

Sorry for the erroneous post - signals are right up there - dang CWT is running amok on 40 - - LOL.

Jim, W0EB

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Subject: Propagation this morning shows unsettled conditions. They got that right, everything above 5 MHz is dead as a hammer right now (8:00 a.m. Central). Heard one real faint CW signal on 7.025 but nothing else. 80 meters is still pretty good even with the QRN from a thunderstorm a hundred miles or so to the Northeast of Wichita as I'm hearing a few pretty strong signals there.

Just wanted to post this so some won't think their radios died overnight, it's just band conditions. Even the baseline atmospheric noise above 5 MHz is at a very low level.

Jim, W0EB

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