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Thomas Martin

The DR 4020 if you look closely at the front is from Venus-tech you can go to the have several types of radios listed. They are out of the DR4020.

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I have the MFJ SSB 20m rig (MFJ-9420). It is a nice little single band rig with very crisp and clean audio. No artifacts or digital noise because it is all analog. I can recommend the design.

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The only single band one for 40 meters that I know of that is available new right now is the MFJ-9440. Each model is a bit over $300 (prices vary by band for some reason), which feels like a lot to me for what you get.

Single band SSB rigs for 40 that have been available in the fairly recent past include the Bitx 40, Easy Bitx (returning soon in an updated version), and Pacific Antenna MMR-40.

Multiband rigs that can do SSB that are currently available include the Elecraft KX2 and KX3, Xiegu G90, X5105, and G1M, Radioddity QR20, Icom IC-705, Yaesu FT-818, uBITX, and more. The G1M and uBITX qualify as inexpensive (in the $200-$300 range).

If you are feeling adventurous, there are also some kits from Russia and China.

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What would be a good small light weight SSB xcvr for pedestrian mobile...only 40 M is needed...low price is desirable...this is for my hiking pack...I have an antenna. 

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