Re: Google + Hangouts

Hajo Dezelski <dl1sdz@...>

This is really a great tool. I and 4 - 6 other hams have been using this system during the construction of the Solf.
One was having a problem and pointed the camera to his board while the soldering iron was getting warm.
Another had the problem solved and pointed with a camera to the working Solf and to the measuring points and later to the scope to show the results.
Another shared his desktop with the critical circuit plans and interpreted it.
One was making jokes.
The others gave good advices.
The guy with the problem had to tear his rig apart, desolder components, resolder them, show the new measurements ....
But that was the way we got all rigs working. Without Hangouts it would have been sometimes impossible to solve the complex problems.

72 de Hajo


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