Re: Brutus Bash 2021

Johnny AC0BQ

Hello Bruce and the group.
We kept Brutus bash going one more year.
The attendance roster was myself, my xyl Pam KE0ZVZ,  Bert NOYJ and his xyl Sharon  KE0VMX, along with Walter K5EST, and His XYL Joy, NQ5R.
Also last but no least was Joe Porter,

We actually set up 3 stations and spent some time one the air.

40 meters wasn’t very productive as neither was 15.
Walter had some pretty decent propagation on 20 to the west coast.

We may consider putting up a low inverted vee on 80 meters next year and hope it performs as  a NVIS.

Thanks for listen for us.
Hope to see you on the Sprint tonight.
Johnny ACØBQ 

On Sun, Sep 12, 2021 at 10:05 AM KK0S <bbarley48@...> wrote:

Well – as of 10 am on Sunday, 40 meters hasn’t been productive for this years Bash.

I sure hope the ribs and baked goods have been as advertised.  Wish I were there.  Maybe for 2022.


Saturday – not a peep on 40 heard throughout the day and into the evening.  I did hear from the Cuban jammer but I don’t think they are doing QSL cards.

Sunday – up til 10 am -  Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas.   Brutus?  No.


Here’s hoping a good time was had by all.

Bruce – KKØS



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