SSS Results for September

John Lonigro

We are in the final stretch of the Second Sunday Sprint for 2021. Thirteen people participated in the contest this month, a good showing.  Coming in first was Carl, WB0CFF, with 22 QSO points, followed by the other Carl, AA5VE, with 19 and Nick, WB5BKL, with 18,  For the year, WB0CFF is the overall leader with 142 points, followed by Glenn, N4MJ, with 98 and Chas, W2SH, with 94.  Note that Glenn and Chas have switched position this month.  Carl may be too far ahead to catch, but we have a close contest between Glenn and Chas, with just 3 months to go.  Carl's 1st place certificate for September will be emailed to him shortly.

The big news for the month is we had two new participants, Andy (W4NLT) from Burke, VA and Bryan (K0EMT) from Columbus, IN.  Welcome to Andy and Bryan.  Hope you two can participate again in the coming months.

72 until October,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator

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