Re: Brutus Dates

Jeremy Utley

Sounds good to me too!  I'm actually planning to camp this year.  Maybe by then I'll have the new KX3 I'm saving up for, but if not, I'll bring the 817.  Have a new portable antenna I'm getting ready to build too - first deployment will be in a couple weeks at Toronto State Park when WA6CML and I go camping.  Basing the new antenna on this setup by KC8VWM:  Just need to track down some smaller gauge wire to wind into the reels (all I have hanging around is 14AWG, and I want to fit enough in there to get a full size 80m dipole if possible.  Will try to take pictures of the setup during the trip!

Jeremy, N9PH
Iola, KS

On 7/10/2013 7:28 PM, WA0ITP wrote:

What's everyone think about scheduling the Brutus outing on Sept 7 and 8?  The first weekend is Memorial Day weekend and we probably don't want to conflict with that, family picnics, etc.

Real radios weigh less than a pound.
I love this radio stuff !
72   WA0ITP


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