Re: Free to a Good Home (DSWII)

Peter Dehman

Hi Gary,

I will take it and breathe life into it if it is still available.


de WA1ISA - Peter

On Sun, Oct 3, 2021 at 6:04 PM gary Lyons <gary.af7t@...> wrote:
I have a DSWII in the blue case that malfunctioned within a day of me completed its assembly.  I carefully packed it away and put it on the shelf until I got around to fixing it one day.  Well I build it in 2000 and still haven't gotten around tuit in 2021.

So it needs to find a home with someone who likes to tinker and fix little radios - and appreciates the hard work that DaveK1SWL put into designing these little radios and sharing them with the world.

If interested you can either DM me here or email (found on QRZ).

Gary, af7t

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