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Brutus is 22 miles SW of Pittsburg, KS at West Mineral. Restrooms are available in the museum building.  This is a really nice /P outing QTH -  wide open spaces, low man made noise, Brutus dominates the scenery, inexpensive camping, neat well kept parklike grounds, and a few medium sized trees.  There are 10 campsites with electricity for trailers or motor homes, and lots of area for tents.  Camping fees were $10/nite for tents and $15/night for campers.
More info here:
This year Walter and I are going fly kites to hoist antennas.  It will be a sight to see so bring your cameras..

Real radios weigh less than a pound.
I love this radio stuff !
72   WA0ITP

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Please excuse my ignorance...........but where is this Brutis Machine...........saw pics of it once.....
and are their bathrooms there? Hi....

Uncle Phil, W0XI

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