Re: long wire

Gwen Patton

I had an Offset Leg Dipole for years, until it came down in a storm. The storm also took down a tree I was using as a support at the far end of the short leg, so I needed a new solution. The only other tree in the front would require me to cross over my house power access line with the wire, and I didn't like that option.

After much research, I tried a variation of the W3EDP end-fed wire antenna. I've tried it in inverted-L configuration and straight configuration. I have one in straight configuration now, and it works very well. It's not hard to make, and if you can make the requisite 4:1 current balun, it's not expensive, either. It can be made in several overall sizes, with commensurate reduction in efficiency, but it's still quite suitable. I've always been able to tune it on any band with the tuner in my KXPA100 amp or my KX3.

Here are links to all three articles:

My other base antenna is a compromise vertical, the Comet CHA-250b. It works quite well for a transformer "resonant" vertical. I don't need to use an external tuner on any band it claims to support. But as a compromise antenna, it's decent but not fantastic on any band. It does what I want, so it's ok. But I surely love the W3EDP variants I've been using. When the storm took my dipole down, I ran a half-sized one to that other tree out front, and it worked well enough to operate through winter.

Gwen, NG3P

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