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Kent Trimble, K9ZTV

Way too sophisticated!

Newly graduated from grad school in 1970 and in a basement apartment, I ran a 20-gauge hookup wire out a window, under some gravel, through some bushes, to a self-tapping screw (to hell with the paint) into a downspout.  The other end to a UPC Unique Wire Tuner (that was its name and I still have it), to an FT-101B kicking out about 140 watts.   Same results plus wonderfully geometric TVI.  I only operated late at night.


Kent  K9ZTV

On Oct 19, 2021, at 6:59 PM, Thomas Martin <tem494@...> wrote:

Some time ago the discussion was about antennas for limited spaces and mentioned that I had used the homes gutter system.
Here is a run down of what I used to make my gutters a working antenna. I obtained most of my information from articles on the internet and modified as to see fit to fit my location.
The back of my home which faces North has a continuous run of about 45 feet plus to down spouts each about 15 feet each giving me a length of roughly 75 feet. I must note none of the down spouts come on contact with the ground. I used a 9:1 unun which was attached to one of the down spouts I used self tapping metal screws to attach a short 14 gauge wire to the down spouts ( paint was removed around the crimp ring) this wire was attached to the unun. A wire from the radial terminal on the unun was the attaches to the ground rod. It should be noted that the wire from the down spout to the unun should be kept off the ground and I also kept it relatively short but that was my decision to do. I fed this with RG 8X. 
Using this arrangement I have been able to work North America South America, Europe at one point was able to work Japan and  Hawaii. I have ordered a commercial made gutter antenna which haven’t received yet but if there is interest I can share my results. 
This has been a great alternative for my HOA restrictions and my feelings I would use it even if I didn’t have HOA restrictions.


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