4SQRPG antenna tuner/coupler

OwlCricker - K7ULM

In my limited ham experience the 4S-Tuner/Antenna Coupler
Designed by David Cripe, NMØS, is a fun simple build and it is an awesome QRP tool. I use it quiet often and it is simple to use, powerfully effective and introduces very little if any noticable losses in QRP communications.  Using it, from Montana I can work all of the US, Canada, Mexico, PR, and parts of Europe.   With 5w, if I can hear them. I can generally work them.  Working weak signal SOTA and POTA activator are a blast to test the effectiveness of your QRP gear and the 4SQRPG Tuner improves performance.   The two indicator lights speed up tuning and make double checking the tune quick also.  Switching bands is a snap as it is dead on repeatable.  Plus it is a great looking piece of kit.  Tip of the hat to Dave Cripe, NM0S, for the fantastic design and to 4SQRPG for making it available.  Thanks for all your great kits, they have greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the hobby. 
K7ULM Dick 

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