Sunday Sprint

Walter - K5EST

Even if your CW is like a screen door on a submarine, have no fear we will do our best to make a QSO with you. Join in the fun.......

4State QRP 2nd Sunday Sprints

July 14th at 7 to 9 PM (cdst)

any mode and band, except WARC & 60 mtrs, no NCS, 5 watts maximum
output regardless of mode. The Sprint keeps the keys, mics, and
keyboards active and collect the valuable QSO contacts that are needed
to achieve the W25 awards.


 Suggested calling idea is.....CQ 4S....and obtain the stations 4SQRP
number for W25 awards. Please stop by the 7.122 MHz club hang-out
frequency to allow the crystal bound stations to have fun, also! Also
some folks have not changed their Pig Rig from 7.030.7 MHz. Probably staying around QRP watering hole will yield many QSOs.

Exchange, RST and club member number or None if non-member.

 There is more at stake than the W25 awards, the most QSO contacts
station by October 1st, 2013, wins  the club callsign WQ5RP for the
October 4x4 Sprint. (in case of a tie of QSOs, then we shall draw a
winner). With a massive multiplier attached, this may be the most
coveted contact in your logbook for the 4x4 Sprint!

 Reporting is easy.....send me an email to


Put SPRINT in the subject line then in the text body, indicate your
number of QSO contacts and what mode.

......I will compile the total of entries and post them on the club
yahoo groups reflector!

CU in the Sprint!

72....Walter . K5EST

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