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Many thanks Ron. I understand the problem.
Thanks for you explanation.

73 QRO

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Le 22 oct. 2021 à 18:07, AG1P Ron <ag1p@...> a écrit :

GM Gilles,
I would like to add to Steve’s comments.  Besides expensive shipping - at one point it cost $180 USD to ship a $30 USD kit to South Africa - we had a lot of kits taking between a month and 2 months to arrive at DX locations. One kit from US to Canada took 3 month to arrive. As you can imagine, the buyer was not happy.  A number were lost in transit and we had to refund the buyer wit the club taking a loss. Some DX buyers filed a claim with PayPal and with the refund, we lost the profit, the kit and the cost to ship. We are a small  non-profit so just can’t afford to lose the revenue needed to put on OzarkCon every year.  
At some point in the future when sanity returns to the postal system, we will reopen sales to DX locations. It is our hope that comes sooner than later. 
72 - Ron - AG1P
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It's not the custom fees but the embargos due to covid....but shipping to anywhere out of the U.S. has become very expensive.
Steve N0SM
On Friday, October 22, 2021, 07:33:06 AM CDT, F1BFU - Fr - 79 <gilles.f1bfu@...> wrote: 
Hi Ted
No, the club does not want to send to France because of the high customs fees.
Maybe I'll turn to the ATU of the GQRPClub. I will study the characteristics of the two kits and then make a decision.
In any case, it's very kind of you for this proposal.
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Le 22 oct. 2021 à 13:56, Ted via <k3rta@...> a écrit :
Will the club not post to France?  I would be tempted to purchase a kit and send it myself.

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