Re: Brutus Dates

Phil Anderson

Arnie..............don't worry about the coyots; they're great. When I lived on the Rhombic Farm west of Lawrence, we heard them
all the time. The male would bark and then the XYLs would yip. I noticed pairs or groups of domesticated dogs in town sometimes do the same.
Dog DNA I guess. My schedule is not set yet but hoping to do Brutis.

Uncle Phil

PS: Off to the Gulf Coast in a couple of weeks. Geezer on the beach with the grandkids.....72!

ka0ncr wrote:

And, for Uncle Phil.. while the site has good facilities inside, last
year the attendants
were locking the building up when they went home and one would have to
use a "very interesting" kybo. I think I might just bring a toilet seat
on legs and after dark use it "over the fence". (only partly joking)

Only thing you would have to look out for is the 'yotes. They
were howling about what sounded like 1/4 mile down at the section of the nights. I forget which.


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