Re: QSL / LOTW / Logging Question

john shadle

I would say that my LoTW rates for *just* July (we've only had 12 days so far) are probably like yours; however, if I look at my overall rates (for all QSOs I've uploaded), I'm at 43.5% (of over 2000 QSOs over the past 12 years). Thinking about sending a card to every one of those people and green stamps (for DX) or SASE (for some USA contacts)--that's a lot of money saved!

I have limited time to play (5 year old son, baby on the way in mid-August), so I concentrate on working new band/mode slots towards my DXCC or WAS (I'm at 125 for 150 towards Triple Play) when I find myself in the basement shack. I do have some rag chews, but they are not as common.

For fun, I downloaded my QSO data from June and July. I haven't been that active--only 100 QSOs in the past 6 weeks or so.

Here's the breakdown of QSLs from LoTW, both USA and DX.
- PSK31 100% (1/1) [no USA QSOs]
- JT65 59.2% (29/49)
- RTTY 50% (2/4)
- CW 41.7% (10/24) [no USA QSOs]
- SSB 36.4% (8/22)

Looking at only DX QSOs, here is my QSL rate (from LoTW).
- PSK31 100% (1/1) [no USA QSOs]
- JT65 46.2% (6/13)
- RTTY 50% (1/2)
- CW 41.7% (10/24) [no USA QSOs]
- SSB 58.3% (7/12)

Looking only at USA QSOs, here is my QSL rate (from LoTW).
- PSK31 [no USA QSOs]
- JT65 63.9% (23/36)
- RTTY 50% (1/2)
- CW [no USA QSOs]
- SSB 10% (1/10)

On average, DX folks QSL at a higher rate (except for JT65). Why is that? I have no idea. Maybe it's all the US hams who have given up on the LoTW system because it's "too hard to set up", or because "it has more levels of verification than my bank", or some other excuse (whenever I look at most negative reviews of LoTW on I cringe). Honestly, it's not that hard folks. If you can set up your radio for digital modes or to do CW keying through a serial port, then you can do this! If you have trouble, call the ARRL. I've received support on the phone and over email for LoTW and always found the results to my liking. When I moved from NC to WI nearly two years ago, I called the ARRL and they walked me through setting up a new station. No big deal!

Also, for June/July I've already confirmed new band/mode slots for Saint Pierre & Miquelon (FP/KV1J), Sint Maarten (PJ7/AF6WU), Jersey (MJ/PA1AW), Ukraine (UR4CWQ), Turkey (TA3AX), Saudi Arabia (7Z1HL), Saint Lucia (J68HZ), Hugary (HA3PT), Switzerland (HB9FGO), Guadeloupe (FG1PP), Japan (JA2ACI), Cyprus (C4Z), and Saint Barthelemy (FJ/N5WR, FJ/K5WE). Not bad, considering there's no cost for me participating in the program (except ARRL membership) and I didn't have to spend $1.10 plus $2-$3 in return postage for these. It's a WIN, WIN!

I wish more folks would use LoTW, but you can't force someone. If you have logging software (I also use N3FJP's AC Log), it's not a difficult system to set up or use.

OK. Rant over. ;-)

-john W4PAH
Madison, WI

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