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David Bixler <qrp@...>

Hi Ray and the group:

Thanks for the head's up about the club page links. I just uploaded a revised page with several links corrected to new URLs and deleted two dead links. Thanks to Chuck, I deleted the NETXQRP site.

I have been leaving the abandoned site links up unless I hear from someone in the group. That is to allow people to possibly locate QRP'ers in the communities involved.

I'm also a retired IT guy but I too often neglect my own hobby sites!

Yes I agree, David Martin does a magnificent job with the 4SQRP site!

73, Dave W0CH

On 07/12/2013 08:39 AM, W0PFO wrote:
I recently ran across the list of QRP club pages by W0CH.

Being the curious sort I had to check out each one. Doing so I discovered several interesting things.

1 - a few of the pages no longer exist - not surprising, it's not easy to keep up with broken links when the isp's snag the page request for advertising purposes.

2 - Some of the sites are very interesting - well worth browsing now and probably on a regular basis.

3 - Way too many are not kept up to date, some appear to have been abandoned years ago :-(

4 - Our 4sqrp site is one of the best. I find it interesting, informative, entertaining and always up to date.

As a retired IT guy and web developer I really appreciate the effort that goes into a good web site.

My thanks and congratulations to our webmaster and his helpers (if any) for a job well done.


ray W0PFO

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