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Robert West

I have a scout set circ. 1960. It is plastic rather than wood. You have sounder mode, buzzer mode and and flashlight bulb mode. Made to work with keys wired to each other up to about 50 ft apart. Still works on d cells. Though funky, the keys work well enough that they could be used on the air. Just take the battery out and hook the rig to the clips. Big dis advantage is that the key contact gap is rather wide and non- adjustable

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If I remember correctly the Boy Scouts had a kit for sale that was two sender/receiver units connected together with a pair of wires……

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Thanks Thomas,


The kit that I remember was a lot like the one in John-KK4ITX's email however I remember it being in shape of a cube - just a framework. Think it needed a D battery. Came with a cheap wood key.  It came in pieces and you had to put it together. Probably a blessing - I remember using it for days, drove both parent crazy with the clacks from wood hitting wood.


Isn’t it great having the memories of Christmas presents that taught us something while having fun?


Happy Holidays

72 - Ron - AG1P


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I remember the sets and may have had one. You connected them together with a pair of wires and could communicate back and forth. 
I checked eBay under Kids telegraph sets and came up with a bunch of them. It was a trip down memory lane.
Thanks for the memories so to speak.

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