Re: Kid's Telegraph Sounder Kit


This does not need a kit only two keys a battery, wire, and two buzzers and/or LED lights - very simply to make at most a few resistors for the LED lights if you're using a 12V battery (or wall wart)  Or nothing else if you can find 3V buzzers. Oh yes, for a 3V system you'll need two, 2-AA battery holders. Then of course a platform for the key, battery holder, and battery.

- We could make a buzzer using a 555 timer, a few caps & resistors, and a small speaker instead of buying one. It all depends on how simple, few parts, you want to make it.

From here you can get as complex as you want. Or instance instead of wire between the two CW platforms you could use a single fiber optic cable and two splitters to get light coming in to go one way and for light going out to get into the fiber.

Or, oh-man perhaps a very simple CW transmitter/receiver? This would need a kit and make it µQRP? Anyone game to design this one?
73 de KE3FL
Phil Karras

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