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I was looking Down thinking perhaps Bert was trying to include some BJ’s .  I avoided UP 1 because many times I have heard both phone and CW on 7123+/-.  BUT the final “gotcha” was I needed WY for WAS and never thought to look up the 7 Call ;-(.  and he was booming in to Florida too.

Bummer night all around, QRPARCI 160 Sprint was a Zero for me, I was 1 hour late for the FP Walk Fer the Bacon and then I couldn’t find the 4S Net...... Grrrrrr.



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  When I realized Bert had to move due to K7KGM holding the frequency, I right away assume “up.” And when I think “up” I start at 1 KHz up. And there Bert was! He was at “ESP” levels, even with DSP. I called Bert a few times but no go. He was much better, 459, on 80 meters.
  Oh, also, the answer to your question was in the email subject line! 
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Where do we QSY to? sort of reorient myself here.

72 n0kns

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another station at 7.122 had to qsy

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