Re: QSL / LOTW / Logging Question


I'm not a computer guru but I have never had a software package
or hardware piece that I couldn't eventually install and get working.
Never that is, until LoTW.
I am a certified trainer in a major brand of internet sales fulfillment
software, configured for hundreds of order takers, supervisory people,
order pickers and shipping personnel. (Not to mention thousands of
labels per day printed and delivered to the correct box.)

When I first got LoTW working, I uploaded all my contacts in 2008.
The next time I tried to use it I could not upload any more contacts.
I have since gotten a new computer, followed all the rules as best
as I understand them, and cannot upload another line of anything.
My account remains stuck since early 2008. I wish I could finish my 
old call uploads and then reinstall everything with my new call but I fail at every turn.

The entire financial world is made to work with your account name, password
and sometimes your email address. I can pay thousands of dollars worth of bills this way.
Why can't ARRL develop something similar? I would
gladly upload one contact at a time as I don't work too much DX and
mostly I only want my milliwatt contacts confirmed anyway. I would
be happy to upload any requested contact that someone else needed
even typing them one at a time.

Roy  AC9DN

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