Re: QSL / LOTW / Logging Question

Bill Cromwell

On 07/12/2013 04:25 PM, Charlie , W5COV wrote:
Strange how interesting things are when we compare hamming stories . I had a guy from Sweden , very likely the same guy , set up a schedule with me for my county here in OK. He suggested 17 or 20 and wanted it CW . Ended up we did not make the contact . He might try again when conditions are better , if he can't find a mobile to come into this county . I "think" I am the only active amateur in this county .

Charlie , W5COV
Hi Charlie,

Well there is a catch...

I am not the only active amateur in my county. I'm likely the only amateur in my county on HF! There are a few who use some distant two meter FM repeaters. When the repeater went out of existance after several years of warfare most of the hams quit. They are still licensed and you can get a list from QRZ but most of them ain't really there. There are HF hams in surrounding counties but not all that many. Enough for that guy in (I think) Sweden to get a QSL.

I have poked a few of the hams here to get on HF but they give me blank stares. A real shame.


Bill KU8H

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