Re: Sunday Sprint


KX3 and Pigrig. I'll be trying the 7.122 crystals if I get them in and tweaked in time.

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Good Morning Terry........

I plan to use my FT-450D with power set at its minimum, which is 5 watts. I had planned to string up a 16 feet up and 16 feet (approx) horizontal so could check how that semi-NVIA (antenna) might compare with my SteppIR vertical (which tends to see the coasts and note the middle......) Maybe next time.

When I wired up my K1-4 I was unaware of the 7122 net frequency so wired by the kit instructions - which top it out at about 7080 kHz. However, I might switch over to it when I try for the less number of folks down on (is it?) 7030 kHz?

Looking forward to the sprint! AS I RECALL WE EXCHANGE OUR 4SQRP# AND RST?


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