Re: Finding your signal

Roland Whitsitt

Ok, you’re right. I touched a button that muted the movie. Reloading is in progress. Thanks!
de n5vwn 

On Feb 7, 2022, at 21:22, Roland Whitsitt via <n5vwn@...> wrote:

That’s strange. I hear it on my end. Let me check on another device and account. If it’s messed up, I’ll pull it for now.

On Feb 7, 2022, at 20:12, Roland Whitsitt via <n5vwn@...> wrote:

In case you’re looking for something to watch about the ‘cricket’, I made a video about how I found if my 80 meter cricket was making the trip. It was about 1am on a Sunday night. So that was the real reason why I didn’t get a response.

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