Re: Programming Arduino proc in Hilltopper-20

John Lonigro

The short answer is you need to put the chip into a PIC Programmer, in order to program it.  Reading a PIC is sometimes impossible because they have a provision for locking the code from being downloaded; for example, to protect code that might be proprietary.  But if you were able to read it, you should expect to see pages full of 0's and 1's.  There's no room on a PIC for source code or comments (or any reason to have them there).

The term "sketch" is normally used in reference to Arduino code.  The heart of an Arduino is simply another brand of microcontroller.  While it may seem you are uploading a sketch to the device, the sketch stays on your computer and the compiled and linked code (0's and 1's) is sent to the microcontroller.  If you are able to download the program from an Arduino, you would not see anything resembling a human readable sketch.  Again, it would be 0's and 1's.

The bottom line is, practically speaking, you really need the source code to make sense of what the PIC is doing and to have any chance of modifying it.  If somebody has somehow come up with an alternate version of the original PIC program, your best bet would be to program another PIC (using the appropriate PIC programmer) and keep the original in a safe place, in case you need to restore things to their original configuration.  And hope the modified PIC code didn't damage anything on the radio.

John, AA0VE

On 2/8/22 07:36, Ted via wrote:
Hi, all.

While I try to whittle away at the loud "pop" each time I send a CW character and get more RX audio out of the volume knob, I'm also reading up on a mod for different tuning steps & even an LCD screen (for learning purposes only, really).  How does one actually connect to the processor to download/upload sketches to it? 

Does one connect to one of the un-pinned ports in the radio such as J6 or does the proc have to come out and sit on a burner type board?   I know just enough about Arduino programming to really make a mess but we have to start somewhere. 

Tnx in advance,


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