Re: Programming Arduino proc in Hilltopper-20

John Lonigro

Thanks, Colin.   I didn't realize the chip is an ATMEGA328.  In this case, the "PIC programmer" is just an UNO with a socketed chip, as Colin says.  I believe most of the rest of what I said is correct.  You don't want to try to download a program from a microprocessor.  If the sketches are available to download, you are good to go.  They are written in a higher level language and probably have lots of comments to boot (no pun intended).


John, AA0VE

On 2/8/22 09:53, Colin Evans M1BUU wrote:

Hi Ted,
John is incorrect, the processor is an ATMEGA328 like you say, programmed via the Arduino environment.
The sketches are available via the Hilltopper reflector.
The easiest way to change the code in the chip would be to take the chip out of the radio and use an Arduino Uno with chip socket - some Unos use SMD processors, but a lot of the clones use DIP chips in a socket.
The Hilltopper chip will already have the bootloader on it, so once you've put it into an Uno, you can just upload the sketch via the Arduino IDE.
You could program the processor via J5, but you'd have to connect up the wires to an external programmer (or even an Arduino Uno).
If you join the Hilltopper group, you'll find more information.
73, Colin
Oh, I had a quick search and found this....

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