Re: How To Find Your 4SQRP Number for Contests

Walter - K5EST

Gary, thanks for mentioning the membership process. We are close to the September 4 x 4 Sprint that gets wide publicity. I apologize in advance for you fine keepers of the reflector doing extra membership additions........just send a bill to Terry.......grin!!

72....Walter . K5EST
4X4 coordinator - editor, Ozark QRP Banner

On Jul 16, 2013 7:22 AM, "gary_w5rej" <gary.w5rej@...> wrote:

For the benefit of the 4SQRP membership let me explain a bit of the "behind the scene activity." If you apply for 4SQRP membership through this discussion group Tim and I receive a notification requiring an approval from one of us. That is a function common to almost all Yahoo groups.

But there is a second step: adding your call to the 4SQRP web site data base so that you are identified in the operator list (scroll down the left side of the list). In 2013 the most common reason I've found for missing call signs for new members is it wasn't provided at the time of application to the group.

So, check the website for your call. If it isn't there please provide it via the admin link on the Yahoo page or the 4SQRP website. Or, contact me Tim/N9PUZ or me direct.

gary dot w5rej at gmail dot com.

--- In 4sqrp@..., Tim McDonough N9PUZ wrote:
> If you need to look up your 4SQRP number you can go to the group's web
> site and find it fairly easily. Find your call in the list and hover
> your mouse pointer over it without clicking. The number will appear in a
> small pop-up.
> <>
> If you do not see your call in the list we may have missed adding you.
> Please send an email to
> 4sqrp-owner@... and we'll add your call to the list.
> Tim N9PUZ
> 4SQRP Mailing List Co-Moderator

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