Re: Sprint results KB4QQJ


Those contacts were at  14.061 and 062 Phil.
I stayed between 14.061 and 14.065 calling "CQ 4ss".
The Azerbaihjan station was on 14.014. He was calling with no answers so I couldn't help myself....heh heh

In a message dated 7/16/2013 8:48:43 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, aldenmcduffie@... writes:
Hi Randy........good job..........what frequency did you use on 20-meters? 14060?

Uncle Phil, W0ZI

kb4qqj wrote:

Meager, but I had fun. I now have it marked on my calendar for next
month. Looking forward to it. I tried 7.122 but there was a slow net
going on there....SBARC so moved up and worked a few.
Great fun!


20m CW 07/15/13 0017 AB9CA 474 AL CHARLES
20m CW 07/15/13 0021 WB4DKF 5w FL HENRY
20m CW 07/15/13 0023 KA8HDE 674 MN CHARLES
40m CW 07/15/13 0058 W0CH 79 MO DAVID
40m CW 07/15/13 0101 WA0ITP 38 IA TERRY
40m CW 07/15/13 0103 KB5FCF 90 OK JOEL
40m CW 07/15/13 0104 AB9CA 74 AL CHARLES
20m CW 07/15/13 0148 WB0WQS 230 MO PAT
20m CW 07/15/13 0151 4K6C none Azerbaijan VLAD

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