Re: 40 and 80 Meter CW Nets


Thanks Steve.  Surely one of the benefits of kit building—besides learning about toroid winding—must be in the ideas they suggest for other projects. At least that has been so in my experience. Good luck with the DSP study.


73, Lloyd (WA4EFS)


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Hi Lloyd,

I don't have a write-up.  That is something for me to work on.  There isn't anything particularly original in the xmiter.  It is an accumulation of ideas/design formulas from other places.  I wanted to try a Class E amplifier after using the Bayou Jumper.  This project is a way for me to learn more by doing and letting the magic smoke out of some parts along the way:).  I have replaced several 2N2907's used for keying the power to the PA.  My next step is to try to clean some things up with the transmitter.  LTSpice shows about 5W output, but I am only getting 3W.  I want to verify I am actually driving the MOSFET (IRF510) into Class E.  I bought a receiver board kit from QRPLabs.  I want to route the I & Q audio output from that board to the teensy microcontroller for DSP filtering.  There is a QRP project, KeithSDR, that is built around the QRPLabs receiver board and the teensy microcontroller.  I thought I would try to use some of their work, and see what I can do with the receiver.  

Anyway, it's fun and fun to get the rig on the air.  I figured this group would appreciate another homebrew rig.


Steve WD4CFN


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