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Dick <w1ksz@...>

I think I'll just live with it. I may do more damage getting the toroids out,
even using my Haako.

Tnx es 73, Dick, W1KSZ

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Hi Dick,
So a bit low, it’s supposed to be 20 watts PEP, so 1/4 th of that (assuming 100% modulation) would be 5 watts carrier. If you are reporting the ‘carrier power’ then you are at 66% of the goal. From reports on the list, 4 watts carrier is not unusual. If there is a nearby webSDR, try transmitting into a good antenna and see if you can hear yourself over the web. It’s a low power rig so you won’t be real loud but if you can tell what it is you are saying then  you are capable of making contacts. If there is a local net, like the lonely guys net back here in New England on Saturday mornings, try signing into that. 
Bob Gass, post #123, reported “As an experiment, shorted one turn on L2, L3, L4 one at a time.  Found that with L2 and L3 with  one shorted turn narrowed the bandwidth and seemed to center it around 3.8 to 3.9 peaking around 5.5 watts there. Sensitivity improved to about 7 uv.“  I did not note any useful follow up, so who knows, but it’s something to consider.
Good luck and let us know.
thanks &
jerry aa1of
franconia, nh

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