Re: Power Output

Douglas L

About 2 turns need to be taken off several toroids in order to raise the frequency from around 3.6 MHz up to about 3.8 MHz where most AM activity is located.  
I’ve posted a bit about this on the Nouveau 75 user group’s site.

I wonder if toroid values are a problem in the other 4SQRP kits?


On Mar 8, 2022, at 5:32 PM, Curt via <wb8yyy@...> wrote:

Did you try spreading or squeezing the windings on the toroids? 

If you did adjust a toroid, you need to lift only one side. Kits should instruct up to tack solder one end down for these adjustments, as I confess in building several dozen rigs I still haven't learned that. 


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