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Karl Schwab

How about using Crickets at the convention?  Karl/KO8S

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Pardon me for my lack of intelligence beyond that of General Class license... I'd never be able to obtain Extra...
I would *love* to participate in the hotel room qrp activity at the convention this year (my first). I only see a hand drawn schematic of the  Ozark Con DL special. There's some blue text on that webpage ( If it's supposed to be a link, it doesn't seem to be active.
I'm unfamiliar with the 50 ohm resistor used.  My first thought would have been a single 50 ohm resistor. But you have to dissipate a little heat, right? Then I started looking how dummy loads that are *not* intended to radiate at all are constructed. I found various diy dummy load resistors that involve anywhere from 4 to maybe 20 resistors run in parallel that would give 50 ohms. I could probably build that myself. I do see some kits available for this purpose, but they also contain some additional elements like a diode-capacitor rectifier for peak voltage measurements... where to connect the wire antenna part in those setups? I do see on some of the schematics that there are pins for RF and for ground.  Maybe connect to those? However, Those ones have a BNC male connector, which wouldn't work for that setup (see below).
Qrpme's Dummy Load Construction Set looks intriguing and might be a solution in itself. However, the provided connector in the kit is an RCA jack. At the time of the convention, the only thing I will have that works on 40m is my Icom 718 set to low power, and that uses a SO-239; I'm stuck with a piece of coax that has PL-259's at each end. I don't know if an adapter (RCA plug or BNC female) throws off my impedance.
If I made any technical mistakes in this post, please forgive me.
Thank you :)
John Vogel
Roger's, AR

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