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Paul AI4EE

Just curious. What are Dave's qualifications to speak on these topics?

On 3/26/2022 9:48 PM, AG1P Ron wrote:

GE Everyone,


Dave has informed me that he is changing his lecture to one more in keeping with current events. The lecture, held Friday afternoon, is now:


EMP CME and the Electronic Apocalypse


"With continued geopolitical unrest among nuclear powers and the total ubiquity of electronics in every aspect of modern life, there is a concern over catastrophic events that could have the potential to disrupt and alter life as we know it. The threats of EMP (electromagnetic pulse) and CME (coronal mass discharge) are real and, should they occur, the results would impact the lives of millions. The physics behind these threats are analyzed, their effects and potential for damage estimated, and means to protect against them examined. Additionally, the use of EMP as a weapon is analyzed from a strategic standpoint, and non-nuclear threats to the electrical grid considered"


There are still seats available if you are attending OzarkCon and would like to participate.


Please contact me off list with questions, comments or registration requests at my call at earthlink dot net.


72 - Ron - AG1P

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