RMR&C report

Dale Putnam

July 16 was a lot of noisy and not so good conditions,
KE6OIO and KE7ZCU from CA and WA made it in. Conditions were
not real good at all.
But the band made up for it on 7/18
W3HZZ - Phil
W5HNS - Henry
KI6J - Stu - 1st time
WB9PQI - John - 1st time
KG0YR - Larry
AE7EQ - Bob 1st time
KK4BNC - Jim - Ga
One was 71yr young, and with a very good fist. He didn't make any mistakes... (unlike your NCS)
Now I don't know if the antenna changes I made during the last two weeks were good or bad...
but it is working better today.. so it gets left alone for a while.
Thank you all,
C U next week.

--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy


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