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William Franklin

Just think, if you could travel faster than the speed of light you could travel out into space ahead of your radio wave, slow down, and then copy your own transmission as it went past you.  Wow!!  All this geniusing makes my brain hurt.

73, Bill, K5WB

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Some claim that radio waves never go away, they just decrease in amplitude. Does that mean that there are cycles and hertz mixing? Oh dear, perish the thought!

Jerry, NK2C

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That really Hertz!

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I've always been somewhat dumbfounded (Bennet would remove "somewhat" and "founded") as to why professional engineers who pride themselves on precision, including precision of language, ever allowed cycle-terminology to be obliterated by a man's name in the first place!

The phrase "cycles per second" carries a lot of information.  The word "Hertz" carries nothing.

I'm all for the memorialization of the dead.  Three generations of my family have dedicated themselves to just that field of service.  Honoring our electronic pioneers is extremely worthwhile in educating all of us and (in my opinion) has always been done best when chronicled in history books, on geographical plaques, by special events, through temporary signage on Hamvention buildings, and other creative ways.

But not in scientific nomenclature.  Not in electronic vocabulary.  And not when indicating frequencies on the air.


Kent  K9ZTV
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Is there a need for a support group for kilocycle users. Hi

de Rick, KC0PET

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