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Jim Sheldon

Johnny, Jim (N5IB) and anyone headed to Xenia that does go to the Airforce museum, I can’t remember which hangar it’s in, but there is a small twin engined blue & white Aero Commander 560 in a back corner that was actually used as Air Force One several times for Eisenhower.  For a while, during my Army career, while I was stationed at Fort Devens, MA, I belonged to the Fort Devens flying club and they actually had it in their stable of aircraft.  We had a picture of Eisenhower getting into it framed by the rear door and that photo is still on the aircraft.  The wife of one of our club members made a set of checkered seat covers for it and as far as I know, they are still on the seats.  I took some multi engine flight training in that plane and have actually flown it.  When aviation gas prices got so high we turned the plane back over to the Air Force and they put it in the museum shortly after that.  The one time I went to FDIM, I saw it there and several other hams from here (Wichita, KS) have told me it’s still on display there.

Jim, W0EB

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Ge Jim 
That’s a interesting bit of history with a twist of ham radio!
How cool is that.
I hope you can make it up there to get some pictures some day.
Johnny ACØBQ 

On Sat, May 14, 2022 at 2:28 PM Jim, N5IB <n5ib@...> wrote:
Should you be heading for the Dayton area for the big 'Fest and/or FDIM, don't forget you're less than 10 miles away from the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.
Open 9am-5pm 7 days a week

And if you should take time for a visit...  and if you are wandering the WW2 gallery...  and should you happen across a Bell P39Q AiraCobra...  you might notice the name lettered below the canopy - - Lt. L Spoonts

That would be my Uncle Les  -  Lt, later LtCol (ret) Leslie Spoonts, W5WWX (SK)
It was Uncle Les who put me on a path to my Novice ticket back about 1960.
That call sign is now held by my son, Ian, who's a meteorologist.

Perhaps I'll get there yet, but I'd dearly love to have someone send me a photo of that aircraft, with a bunch of hams in the picture.

Jim, N5IB

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