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I don’t get much time to operate but on 40 meters with five watt ssb have worked CA, UT,  NM, LA, MT, ID, WA, TX, HA, AL, VE7, VE8, Japan and some more that I don’t remember right now.  With less power than a little flashlight and working stations well over a thousand miles for me is exciting.  Have made some good contacts on 20 meters also. 


I enjoy operating with 5 watts and solar panels here at the house field day. 


Jim   W7DAU 


Yup, an OT, got my license in 1956!


I am running a 42 ft. vertical with well over 2,000 effective ft. of radials. 


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Way to go Dan.

SSB QRP is my favorite mode and >90% of my QSL'd SSB contacts DX and US is QRP SSB.

I think Japan is the only DX I actually used 100W, and now wish I hadn't.

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Hey guys had another one this evening and I just had to share. Not to brag because I'm AMAZED.


I talked to Geoffrey G8OFQ/DL portable (well sort of). He's running remote from Hamburg, Germany - his rig is in the UK. But that's still almost 4300 miles. Was on 20 meters SSB. And yes he's running 400 watts to a SteppIR but it's still a contact! :-)


I know guys I should be using CW...



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