Jeremy Utley

On 8/3/2013 12:10 AM, Walter - K5EST wrote:

With the great response of SSB ops maybe we should look to a common SSB frequency for the 4sqrp members.  Any thoughts?

72....Walter . K5EST

I myself would love this!  Something like 7122 is for the CW guys would be great!  Heck, maybe even a Wednesday night SSB net?  I'd even be willing to try my hand at net control of that one, at least part time!

The NJQRP web site lists 7285 as a recommended QRP calling frequency for US ops, 7090 for EU.  That is up there in the SW area of the band tho.  I haven't listened to what the clear frequencies are, but maybe we could adopt something around that - maybe down 3 (7282) if there's no SW there.  Just a thought - I'm open to just about anything!

Jeremy, N9PH
From beautiful Iola, KS

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