"QRP Syndrome" has been around quite a long time. I first notice it probably around 1979.

One of my favorite QSO
's was a guy bragging about being stuffed from having just finished eating a very fine meal. A couple of go-round's later I mentioned that I was QRP running a Ten Tec. His next transmission was that he had to QRT immediately, since his wife just called him for supper. I didn't get a return QSL from him. Perhaps I should have included a packet of anti-acids with my card ;)

I posed the question s to WHY, and several thought the QRO guys are embarrassed by how much they spent on their equipment. Many surely don't want their wives to know that they have thousands in the Rigs and thousands in the Towers and Antennas, and some guy with a $100 in a little bitty box and a chunk of wire can talk to the same places world wide.....
73 de Keith ~ KC9IH
QRP-ARCI, Flying Pigs, GORC, et al
Previously ~ WD9GKA, WB9HCL, K9UCF

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