Schematic Drawing

Jim, N5IB

The recent schematic puzzle dredged up one of my 'pet peeves' about published schematic drawings. Namely the often inconsistent, occasionally incorrect, use of the drawing conventions for intersecting wires. It can leave the reader puzzling over the intent of the person who made the drawing. The schematic that was posted for the puzzle did contain a few instances of use/non-use of the dot convention that could be confusing to folks new to reading schematics. There's an especially troubling one at the base of the 8050 transistor.

I had recently reviewed the schematic I'd drawn for the Bayou Jumper and spotted a couple of places where I'd accidentally left an unneeded dot. Fortunately not one that changed the meaning. There was also an actual real wire error in the revD TX drawing. Those have been fixed and will shortly be re-posted to the kit web page.

So with my battered 'curmudgeon hat' firmly in place, and with apologies to Capt Jack Sparrow, I offer my 'guidelines', not to be confused in any way with 'rules' LOL

a) when wires meet and should be connected, put a dot
b) avoid 4-way intersections, offset them slightly
c) hark back to the old-school 'bridge' to clearly show a no-connection crossover

Fortunately these are easily implemented in the free ExpressSCH schematic capture software.
The attached PDF image shows examples.

Jim, N5IB

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