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Karl Schwab

NEPM battleship Iowa is on 15m & 20m SSB right now, just worked them first call. De KO8S in MI

On Tue, Dec 6, 2022, 11:35 AM Jim Sheldon <w0eb@...> wrote:
Have to try and work them this year Jim, thanks for the head's up.  When
I visited Baton Rouge a few years back (had a Saturday breakfast with
you and the gang, I operated W5KID from the Kidd for about an hour. 
Interesting touring the ship & museum as well.  l still have the hat I
bought back then in my collection.

You might mention the frequency window(s) they will be on if you know

Jim, W0EB

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Date 12/6/2022 10:21:04 AM
Subject Re: [4SQRP] Pearl Harbor Day

Look for the USS Kidd (DD-661) on the air for Pearl Harbor Day- club callsign W5KID
On the key will be W5ZDW starting about 10am central time.

USS Kidd is a Fletcher Class destroyer, now a museum in Baton Rouge LA.
If you've seen the recent movie "Greyhound" you saw plenty of the The Kidd.
Many scenes were filmed aboard.
There's even a mention in the dialog, can you spot it?

Jim, N5IB

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