Re: Last night

Phil Anderson

Hey Charles,

I'm beginning to believe that I could have done better by switching between my vertical and my NVIS dipole.
The SteppIR 33 is a pure vertical and I have a lot of radials in the ground; hence it has a low angle of launch
and very little energy vertically or even at an angle of say 85%, which would cover Lebo, KS, etc from Lawrence,
KS. The NVIS dipole, on the other hand delivers much less for DX angles, like to your location in NJ.

Think I'll look at using some sort of combiner on RX; that is, one could bring in the coax from both vertical
and NVIS dipole and listen to each simultaneously, or with left and right ear?

The NVIS should have less noise since it does not "hear" static from distant stations. I'll email those details to
you separately.

72, Phil, W0XI, Lawrence, KS

Charles Moizeau wrote :

I heard no 4SQRP activity around 7.030 or 7.040 mHz. However, there
were several stations around 7.122 mHz. First was ACØBQ at 0015Z at
RST 449. My call to him went unanswered.

Between 0030Z and 0130Z WØXI was consistently RST 559/569, but my
various attempts to achieve a QSO were unsuccessful in that all I
could elicit were di-di-dum-dum-di-dis and SRIs.

Also heard were AA5CO, K5EST and AK4VL, all with decent readability,
but no QSOs resulted.

It should be noted that my NJ QTH enjoyed about 80 minutes more
darkness than WØXI, and that enhanced my reception considerably.

My only QSO was at 0133Z with KB4QQJ, he being only five degrees of
longitude to my west.


Charles, W2SH
4SQRP 85


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