RMRc net rpt and ??

Dale Putnam

8-13-13 WC7S (NCS) -7- WC7S AA7CU K2HT W5HNS KK4BNC KK4LPG K0DTJ (2045)
8-13-13 WC7S (NCS) -3- WC7S KK4LPG AA7CU (second session) (2245z)
We had a total of 10 stations, checking into the two nets. In the expansion to two nets for the
check of propagation, and avoiding the T-storms, the additional comment that maybe 40 would be better.
It seems that 40 would be interesting to address, although, it likely wouldn't be long enough to gather in both coasts,
at our net times. I'm looking for input, so if you have a "druther" bring it forth, or state your preference,
  Survey time:
  1. 1 net or 2 ?  (Which would be easier for you to meet mostly).
  2. 20 only or 20 and 40 (see above)  14.0625  and 7.0325
  3. Time of day... Morning or afternoon, (done by 2230z)
  4. Days of week.. (I can do two days..durng the week)
Understanding that not all the net checkins read this reflector, consideration will be given to those that don't.
Thanks for your help,

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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