Re: "distance" reports are different.

Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC

I was curious what NAQCC used for calculating MPW and contacted their awards manager, John, KK1X. He told me of a web site that they use; it's a simple on-line calculator based on grid subsquares; the address is
Certainly, since subsquares are 2.5 latitude minutes by 5 longitude minutes in size, they aren't dead-on precise as calculations based on exact GPS-type lat/long positions. In worst case, I estimate that the distance error could be as much as 10 miles. But I've found that obtaining an op's subsquare is a lot easier than his lat/long, let alone an exact measurement.
In most cases that I've seen, pages show the op's subsquare as "user supplied". When the page doesn't show the subsquare as being user supplied or if it's a station that's operating portable, I've e-mailed the op and asked for the subsquare; so far each op has replied with the six-character subsquare info that I needed.
Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC
4SQRP #523, NAQCC #6103, ARPI #13839

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