Brutus Bash

Jeremy Utley

Hey all!

Just got off the phone with the Brutus office, and got my spot reserved for the weekend! Am planning to bring the FT-817, along with my new "yo-yo" dipole antenna, based on this design: I use a 20-ft telescoping aluminum pool cleaning pole as the mast, and each reel has 70ft of 26g "Silky" wire from Wireman coiled up in it to allow for 80m work. I'll also probably bring my 2m J-Pole and mobile radio to monitor area repeaters as well, so if anyone doesn't know how to get there, feel free to call in ( what's a good repeater from the site? One of the Pittsburg or Parsons machines maybe? Or maybe even the Chanute repeater, which I believe is actually near Walnut - Tom, I'd be interested to know if a person might hit the CNU repeater from the site - I could actually get the XYL on the repeater if I wanted!)

One question - what time does the office close in the evenings? I probably won't be down there until about 6:30 or 7pm Friday night - don't get off work until about 5pm, and it's a good hour and a half drive down there!


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